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9 Ways to Get Car Sales Leads

06 Jun
Get Car Sales Leads | Automotive Leads Company | CarFi Direct

Chances are you didn’t get into the sales business because you love sitting around. You want to move, meet and greet customers, reach out, and make deals! But what if you’re seeing less drop-in and/or digital traffic? It’s time to get car sales leads and jump-start your business.

How to Get Car Sales Leads


  • ABC. Always be closing. There should be no such concept as “downtime” in your business. Use slow periods to focus on cultivating leads, reaching out to existing customers, strengthening your messaging and digital assets, etc. You can get leads while other dealers are struggling through seasonal slumps.
  • Give your website a tuneup. Make sure your website is fast, intuitive, and up to date with current offerings, specials, promotions, and inventory. Even if a customer is waiting to buy, he/she typically begins researching weeks to months in advance.
  • Make sure your USPs are on-point. Your unique selling propositions will help differentiate you from the competition. USPs should be concise and engaging: you may be the solutions-provider, the problem-solver, the dream-maker. Whatever it is, say it clearly and compellingly.
  • Clear up your CTAs. What do you want prospective customers to do? Don’t make them guess: ensure your calls-to-action are direct, simple, and action-oriented (e.g., Schedule a Test Drive, Speak to a Sales Specialist, Get Your Special Deal Now).
  • Highlight your inventory. Leads want images and content related to your current –  hot – inventory. They want to see, research, and make a choice – online.
  • Deliver information. Helpful, educational content sells cars. Answer questions before customers even ask – and provide solutions to problems in an efficient way.
  • Stock your tool box. Consumers want tools, from online quizzes (e.g., What’s Your Dream Car?) and payment/loan calculators to live chat. Help them interact with you in real time, and on their terms.
  • Use dealer-specific solutions. Utilize solutions specific to your industry to do everything from building and maintaining a robust dealership website and handling marketing to managing inventory and financing. (Examples:,, Constellation Auto, HootSuite).
  • Partner with an automotive leads company. Work on securing your own leads, yes. But virtually every business, and certainly every auto dealer, will benefit from leaning on the expertise and reach of an automotive leads company. You’ll get targeted leads that you can convert.


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