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How to Sell More Cars with Fewer Leads

21 Jun
Sell More Cars | Subprime Auto Leads | CarFi Direct

Want to sell more cars? We’re guessing that’s a resounding “Yes.” The auto industry experiences sometimes dramatic ebbs and flows  – which is why it’s critical to aggressively seek growth opportunities. When it comes to leads, focus on quality over quantity. You can sell more cars with fewer leads. Here’s how:

  • Start with the right leads. Sounds simple enough. But leads are virtually a “dime a dozen,” as the saying goes. Solid, validated, and targeted leads, however, give you a much better success rate in terms of conversion. Work to develop spot-on leads, and partner with a generation provider that will do the same.


  • Focus on subprime auto leads. Many dealers are intimidated by the word “subprime.” But they enable you to reach consumers who cannot obtain conventional loans. They still need transportation, and purchasing helps them rebuild their credit. By targeting the subprime auto leads segment, you can build a robust revenue stream.


  • Work with “just looking.” Most consumers, regardless of their credit or the type of vehicle for which they are in the market, will say they are “just looking” when they visit a dealership. But what they’re really looking for is information. Don’t treat them as a cold lead but rather as an opportunity to provide solutions.


  • Get to know the customer. The first question out of your mouth shouldn’t be, “What are you looking to spend?” First, they won’t tell you the truth! And second, it positions your desire to close the deal above the consumer’s desire for a reliable, affordable car. This is off-putting, and may cost you business.Take the time to do a needs assessment and get to know them. Ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation engaging, and listen to the answer. They’ll provide clues as to their needs.


  • Include a benefit for every feature. Features are aspects like horsepower, fuel economy, all-wheel drive, and infotainment systems. Benefits tell the consumer what they can do with those features. It’s great for winter driving. It’s wonderful for packing up the family and dog (which you’ll know about if you follow step 4!) for road trips. It makes city driving less stressful… Doing this allows you to paint a picture that is compelling for the customer.


To sell more cars with fewer leads, you have to start with the right leads and then leverage your staff’s skills to close the deal. Interested in learning more about buying subprime auto leads? Contact CarFi Direct. We’re happy to help!


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