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8 Ways to Build a Stronger Dealership Team

03 Jul
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Sales can feel like a one-man/woman job. The people with whom you work often seem more like competition than colleagues, and the auto industry traditionally rewards individual efforts over team contributions. But if you are wondering how to sell more used cars, this mindset needs to change.

A solid dealership team works together to get leads for car sales, build on strengths, close skill gaps, improve morale, and achieve organization-wide goals. The question is how do you do it?

  • Start at the top. This is a top-down goal. Start with your managers, underscoring the importance of team-building. They may require training, especially if they were promoted because they were top performers themselves. Emphasize the benefits of collaboration.
  • Link your organizational goals with teams. What is your mission/vision? Share these statements with employees so they feel like they are an integral part of achieving them
  • Develop team goals. While you can certainly incentivize individual efforts, make teamwork a priority with group goals. For example, your sales team could be responsible for achieving specific KPIs this quarter. Your marketing team may strive to develop X leads for car sales.
  • Leverage that sense of competition. Salespeople love to compete. So why not use that to your – and their – advantage? In addition to team goals, encourage some friendly competition. Which team can raise the most money for a local charity or bike the most miles towards a fitness goal?
  • Get together. On a related note, what if you organized some outside-of-work events to foster a sense of team? A team’s success is often measured by their ability to engage outside of formal meetings. Social teams are more productive.
  • Cross train. Cross-functional teams allow for greater flexibility – and better results. Folks from different departments work together to meet organizational goals (e.g. improve customer service, streamline digital features, etc.).
  • Rethink rewards. Some dealerships are starting to reward teams, not just individuals, for meeting goals. This is revolutionary for this industry – and it could be a game-changer for your business as well. You could also reward your team for coming up with innovative new ways for how to sell more used cars.
  • Measure, measure, measure. Measure the impact of these steps against your established organizational goals.


A team dynamic can help your dealership grow – and ensure your best people stay put!


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