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Subprime Auto Lead Providers: Friend or Foe?

12 Jul
Subprime Auto Leads | New Car Sales Leads | CarFi Direct

Subprime auto leads represent a strong revenue stream for your dealership. Hesitant? Many people connect these loans to subprime mortgages. Rest assured: subprime auto lending is an entirely different vehicle.

Today’s economy is stronger, and lenders implement more stringent controls to ensure that subprime lending is stable and well-managed. Special financing enables those who do not qualify for traditional loans to secure the funding they need for a reliable vehicle. And with solid subprime auto leads, you can maximize this opportunity for growth and profitability. But are lead providers the right avenue to pursue?


Here’s why the answer can be “no.” Some providers treat leads like a commodity. That is, they are reusable; they sell them to multiple dealerships, eroding the likelihood of your dealership converting customers from this sought-after market.

They may also cut corners when it comes to vetting leads, giving you quantity but not the quality you need.

You Need a Friend

Whether you need to boost your business with subprime or new car sales leads, the key is to select the right provider. The right provider will:

  • Verify leads. Everyone who has ever expressed interest in buying a car is a lead, right? No! Effective providers vet and verify so you don’t waste your dealership’s time and resources chasing down lemons. With sophisticated filters, and a deep knowledge of the auto industry, your leads have the best chance of conversion.
  • Help you on the back end. To attract customers, your provider can help with tasks such as developing effective landing pages and other digital and marketing assets.
  • Empower you to meet your goals. With a consistent flow of qualified leads, your sales and marketing teams can focus on other aspects of the business.


So are lead providers friends or foes? It depends on the service you choose. With the right subprime auto leads or new car sales leads partner in your corner, you have a powerful method by which to grow your dealership.


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