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Third-Party Auto Lead Generation Myths

14 May
Third-Party Auto Lead Provider | CarFi Direct | Auto Lead Generation Company

Hesitant to work with a third-party auto lead provider? To be sure, this service is often surrounded by mistruths and misconceptions. This can keep you from leveraging this invaluable tool to grow your business. So, let’s bust the three biggest myths about auto lead generation companies and their services.


An auto lead generation company generates 100% of its leads.


Generating and nurturing leads is a time-consuming process; savvy dealers turn to an auto lead generation company for help. It streamlines operations. The same holds true for those lead generation services. No matter how extensive a third-party auto lead provider‘s database, sometimes demand exceeds supply. A provider may work with an affiliate partner or another auto lead generation company to deliver the leads you need. The leads are then vetted through the original company’s stringent processes.


Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are responsible for all leads.


SEO can be extremely helpful, but that’s not the only way to generate leads. An experienced auto lead generation company knows that it needs to employ other techniques, such as pay per click (PPC) – which delivers between 10 and 50 percent of all third-party auto lead provider leads. You cannot rely on a company that relies on one technique alone.


Leads are sold by a third-party auto lead provider more than once.


While an auto lead generation company would be ecstatic to sell every single lead it gets, that’s not quite reality. The percentage of leads a third-party auto lead provider is able to place each day can rise and fall, but the placement is never at 100%. Some are rejected because of bad data (e.g., an inaccurate Social Security number), while some aren’t a good fit for the market.

There are all sorts of myths about working with a third-party auto lead provider. The truth is, however, that working with an auto lead generation company is an effective way to build your business. Clear up any misconceptions about a lead generation service – and let CarFi Direct get to work for you.


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