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What Makes the Best Auto Leads for Dealerships?

13 Jun
Auto Leads for Dealerships | Special Finance Leads | CarFi Direct

What makes the best auto leads for dealerships? Ones that convert, of course! If you are new to the world of lead generation services, though, how do you tell a hot prospect from a cold time-waster? How do you know if the leads represent a business-building opportunity or a bust? Start here!

Think Like a Consumer

When your customers come onto the lot or into your showroom, they have done their homework. They’ve researched, compared, contrasted, shopped around, viewed videos… today’s auto buyers are typically more informed, and many have already made their decision in terms of make, model, and price.

When it comes to buying leads, follow the same approach. Take the time to learn about providers’ processes:


  • How do they generate, validate, and pre-qualify leads? The best auto leads for dealerships are the ones who will visit, test drive, talk, and, ultimately, make a purchase. Stop wasting time with leads that will never lead anywhere.
  • What filters do they have in place to ensure the leads you purchase are optimally targeted to your specific business needs/goals?
  • How long will it take to receive solid leads? (The answer should be: almost immediately after signing up with the service.)
  • How soon will loan applications be sent to our dealership. (Again, the answer should be immediately upon completion.)
  • What metrics do they use to track success, and how do they report on this? Transparency is the gold standard; reports should be clear and easy to digest – and they should tell you if you’re seeing the ROI you need.
  • Do they provide special finance leads? Your dealership can curb the tire-kicking visits and focus on interested customers who have been pre-approved for subprime loans. This can be a major source of revenue for your business.


By partnering with the right auto leads generation provider, you can see an uptick in business that’ll keep you busy all year round. Ready to get started with acquiring special finance leads? Give us a call!


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