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Why Buy Auto Finance Leads?

19 Jul
Auto Finance Leads | How to Sell More Cars | CarFi Direct

How to sell more cars: it’s the perennial question facing auto dealers. From expensive ads to wild promotions, owners, managers, and teams will try anything. Why not go back to basics? Solid, steady, consistent auto finance leads. This is how you grow your business.

Why is buying auto finance leads from effective providers so powerful?

  • It is cost effective. Whether you need to supplement your current lead-generation efforts or you want to outsource this function entirely, a reputable lead provider can dramatically cut the time and resources your internal team devotes to attracting potential new customers. They can then focus on converting those leads.
  • It cuts costs. Similarly, you can save money by using leads to offset the cost of pricey television and print ads. You don’t need to do away with these marketing techniques altogether, but you can use them more strategically when you have good leads that will grow your customer base.
  • Leads are verified. When choosing a provider, ask about their lead verification process. This is critical; without a thorough, documented process for vetting and qualifying leads, you’re going to get a grab-bag full of potential – and more than a few duds. This is a waste of your resources; don’t settle for less than robust verification.
  • Your leads are exclusive. Again, this factor depends on your choice of provider. Some do sell the same leads to more than one dealership. This only acts to amp up the already intense competition in the auto field. Work with a service that provides you with exclusive leads that drive you towards your business requirements. These are yours to pursue – and to convert.
  • You get what you need. You can opt to buy as many leads as you like, or as few. It should be in your hands – not those of the provider. Why? It’s your business! You have goals, and their job is to help you achieve them by supplying high quality leads.


The answer to how to sell more cars? Simple: buy reliable auto finance leads.


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