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Why Buy Auto Finance Leads?

19 Jul

Why Buy Auto Finance Leads?

Auto Finance Leads | How to Sell More Cars | CarFi Direct

How to sell more cars: it’s the perennial question facing auto dealers. From expensive ads to wild promotions, owners, managers, and teams will try anything. Why not go back to basics? Solid, steady, consistent auto finance leads. This is how you grow your business. Why is buying auto finance leads

12 Jul

Subprime Auto Lead Providers: Friend or Foe?

Subprime Auto Leads | New Car Sales Leads | CarFi Direct

Subprime auto leads represent a strong revenue stream for your dealership. Hesitant? Many people connect these loans to subprime mortgages. Rest assured: subprime auto lending is an entirely different vehicle. Today’s economy is stronger, and lenders implement more stringent controls to ensure that subprime lending is stable and well-managed. Special

03 Jul

8 Ways to Build a Stronger Dealership Team

How to Sell More Used Cars | Leads for Car Sales | CarFi Direct

Sales can feel like a one-man/woman job. The people with whom you work often seem more like competition than colleagues, and the auto industry traditionally rewards individual efforts over team contributions. But if you are wondering how to sell more used cars, this mindset needs to change. A solid dealership

27 Jun

How to Boost Your Dealership’s CSI Scores

Secret to Selling Cars | New Car Leads | CarFi Direct

There’s a saying when it comes to CSI scores: if it’s not a 10, it’s a 0. They are that important. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is one of the major forces driving (pun intended) the auto industry. Are dealership CSI scores the secret to selling cars? Let’s take a

21 Jun

How to Sell More Cars with Fewer Leads

Sell More Cars | Subprime Auto Leads | CarFi Direct

Want to sell more cars? We’re guessing that’s a resounding “Yes.” The auto industry experiences sometimes dramatic ebbs and flows  – which is why it’s critical to aggressively seek growth opportunities. When it comes to leads, focus on quality over quantity. You can sell more cars with fewer leads. Here’s

06 Jun

9 Ways to Get Car Sales Leads

Get Car Sales Leads | Automotive Leads Company | CarFi Direct

Chances are you didn’t get into the sales business because you love sitting around. You want to move, meet and greet customers, reach out, and make deals! But what if you’re seeing less drop-in and/or digital traffic? It’s time to get car sales leads and jump-start your business. How to

29 May

How to Improve Vehicle Sales with Subprime Leads

How to Improve Vehicle Sales | Subprime Car Loan Leads | CarFi Direct

“Subprime” has a negative connotation, especially after the housing market crash of 2008. Many auto dealerships are hesitant to pursue subprime car loan leads. However, subprime leads can be one of the most profitable lines of business. So, if you’re looking for how to improve vehicle sales, look no further

14 May

Third-Party Auto Lead Generation Myths

Third-Party Auto Lead Provider | CarFi Direct | Auto Lead Generation Company

Hesitant to work with a third-party auto lead provider? To be sure, this service is often surrounded by mistruths and misconceptions. This can keep you from leveraging this invaluable tool to grow your business. So, let’s bust the three biggest myths about auto lead generation companies and their services. MYTH