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How it works

How We Generate Quality Auto Leads

CarFi Direct understands the struggles car dealers face every day getting customers into their showroom. They waste thousands of dollars every month to increase traffic — with no guarantee anyone will visit their dealership or be qualified to make a purchase.

Our innovative online system finds prequalified leads using top ranked automotive websites on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Social Media. When a lead enters our system we vet and validate it for accuracy — and it’ll become available to you if it fits your filtered results.

Our system is fast, seamless and accurate. CarFi Direct saves you from wasting time and money chasing after low quality leads. Ready to get started? Contact CarFi Direct.

More car buyers use the internet to search for a car than ever before. Potential clients make snap decisions on whether or not to shop at your dealership based on what they see at your dealership’s website. CarFi Direct specializes in creating mobile-responsive websites optimized for car shoppers. The cost of a website from us is minimal, and it delivers optimal advertising value.

Exclusive Auto Leads

Sell more cars today by joining the industry’s most targeted lead generation system. CarFi Direct wants to send customers who’ve secured a loan, and are motivated to buy, directly to your showroom.

A Customized Website Helps Customers Discover Your Dealership

More than ever, customers are shopping online — and this includes shopping for a new car. We own domain names that ranked highly on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and can deliver online traffic to your website fast.

Customers base their decision on whether or not to shop at your dealership from what they see at your dealership’s website. If your website is slow loading or hard to navigate, your visitor will be gone fast.

Let CarFi Direct create a customized website for your business. We specialize in creating sites that are optimized for automotive dealerships. Our websites are free of Flash plug-ins, meaning they load quickly on any mobile device, desktop, laptop or tablet.

We also build Mobile versions for Android, iPhone and Windows smart phone users. After navigating to your homepage using a mobile device, customers will be automatically redirected to a mobile version of your dealership’s website.

How our Lead Filters Work

After a lead enters our system, the lead info is validated to ensure accuracy, and then it’s sorted according to your dealership’s filters. Our filtering process is superior to those offered by other lead providers, as all leads are processed through our strict validation system before delivery.

This process takes just a few minutes to complete, and it delivers only the highest quality leads to our clients.